Nature, art and architecture; each fluid™ faucet makes a subtle connection to the influences of our environment

Fine craftsmanship and attention to detail make a unique statement about the care and extra time fluid dedicates to every fixture. The meticulous curves, unique angles and mirror-like polished surfaces of fluid™ faucets are unmatched. Additionally, fluid™ faucets are Watersense approved and meet all low lead requirements of the US Safe Drinking Water Act. So, fluid represents the new standard we will come to expect; that rare combination of form, function and sustainability to enhance and protect the planet at the same time.

Features and benefits:

  • Hydroplast cartridge
  • Outlet water temperature adjustment
  • EPA WaterSense approved
  • Includes tool to tighten faucet in place
  • Very protective packaging virtually eliminates damage during shipping
  • Unique, inspirational designs
  • Proven in the field
  • Safe for buildings with very hot water
  • Safe for children

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